Sales-as-a-Service marketplace for Insurance & Banking.​​

Global Distribution System (GDS) marketplace for streamlining sales processing transactions and enhancing service delivery.

Streamlining the Sales Processing Ecosystem

Founded in 2021, Übbitt is headquartered in Mexico City and operates additional offices in Spain and the United States. Übbitt is a sales-as-a-service marketplace for the insurance and banking industries. It connects various stakeholders within its Global Distribution System (GDS), including insurance companies, banks, independent brokers, and customers, through a streamlined and integrated marketplace. This system facilitates seamless transactions and enhances service delivery.

As a leader in the sales-as-a-service industry, Übbitt expertly manages customer acquisition, retention, and billing through a Cost per Acquisition model. This approach is tailored to meet the demands of global markets and service industries.

Our platform utilizes omnichannel crowdsourcing, e-commerce, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence strategies to significantly enhance the final customer experience. By doing so, Übbitt increases sales conversion rates, improves cash flow, and eliminates fixed costs, transforming the traditional service industry model into one of efficiency and high performance.


Customer Experience​

Redefine your interaction with customers by seamlessly merging their journeys with the DNA of your brand. Ubbitt's advanced solutions elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty to new levels by delivering a consistent and enriching experience.

This comprehensive approach is essential for building trust and exceeding expectations in highly regulated sectors, ensuring that each touchpoint reflects the excellence and consistency of your brand, thus strengthening the client-company relationship.

Ubbitt ensures a flawless and smooth customer experience leading to sales conversion.

Security & Compliance

Know the terms, conditions, and policies that support the use of the platform. We ask you to carefully read the documents that are included in the section, in order to know the rights and obligations that exist for the use of Übbitt.

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