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Übbitt, reinventing your customers' experience.

It includes the use of language processing models (NLP) in two strategies: enhancing human capabilities and completely automating the sales process with AI.

Super Sales Aid

Learn about the future of AI-powered sales support.

Introducing Übbitt Super Sales Aid: your personalized AI companion to close more deals and maximize commissions. Übbitt Super Sales Aid amplifies a salesperson's skills with the power of artificial intelligence to drive conversions and revenue.

The smart assistant revolutionizes the sales process by providing real-time insights, recommendations, and automation. Establishing a good relationship with potential clients is easier than ever with a conversation guide tailored to each person's needs, interests and personality. Never miss a sales opportunity again with Übbitt's lead and pipeline tracker. It monitors your end-to-end funnel, predicting which deals are likely to convert, and flags those that are at risk.

Übbitt Super Sales Aid is at your side in every customer interaction to help you sell smarter and faster. AI analyzes emails, conversations and meetings on the fly, highlighting clues to tailor your speech for maximum impact. Provides contextual talking points to establish trust and address concerns. With Übbitt, you'll have data-driven strategies to move prospects seamlessly through the buyer's journey.

Close deals faster with Übbitt's proposal generator. Answer product questions on the go with instant access to your knowledge base. AI takes care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on building meaningful relationships. Übbitt Super Sales Aid will help you find your best customers, understand their needs and guide them in purchasing.

Push the limits with a sales assistant tailored to you. Übbitt learns your strengths, weaknesses and preferences to provide personalized recommendations that get results. Gives you feedback after every sale to improve your approach. Übbitt integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and workflows.

The benefits speak for themselves:

Convert 50% more leads into sales
Reduce sales cycles by 30%
Double customer lifetime value
Discover new qualified leads instantly

AI Automation

The future of AI sales is here.

Meet Übbitt Ultra, the fully autonomous AI sales agent revolutionizing sales of intangible services. Übbitt Ultra handles the entire sales process from start to finish, without the need for a human being. This virtual sales representative interacts via voice and text to understand customer needs, recommend relevant services, negotiate deals, and close sales, all completely independently.

Übbitt Ultra converses naturally using the latest in natural language processing (NLP) to engage in friendly dialogue with customers. Each interaction is personalized using advanced machine learning algorithms that analyze linguistic patterns, word choice, and subtle cues to tailor your communication style. Übbitt Ultra builds trust by listening carefully, answering questions knowledgeably, and providing personalized solutions.

When a potential customer interacts, Übbitt Ultra draws on an extensive knowledge base to understand their unique requirements. Asks probing questions and listens to concerns before creating customized service packages on the fly. Übbitt Ultra is well versed in promoting the value of intangible offerings and addressing concerns. With each new customer, AI gets smarter.

Once the customer is ready to buy, Übbitt Ultra expertly handles pricing, proposals, contracts, and payment processing. Integrations with billing systems allow AI to complete end-to-end transactions, freeing humans from repetitive sales tasks. Customers receive personalized onboarding and dedicated support from Übbitt Ultra after purchase.

Businesses benefit from 24/7 availability, instant scalability, and reduced overhead. Übbitt Ultra works tirelessly to attract and convert high-value leads. Multitask conversations at scale and optimize touchpoints for each prospect. Performance analytics and data-driven training ensure that AI is constantly improving.

With Übbitt Ultra, frictionless purchasing of intangible services is now a reality. Key benefits include:

100% autonomous sales 24/7
Natural dialogues that generate trust
Personalized recommendations
End-to-end transaction management
Optimized conversions and customer value
Increase sales capacity instantly
Provides detailed sales analysis
Continuously gets smarter

Let Übbitt Ultra take your sales to the next level with the power of artificial intelligence. Reduce staff costs, scale infinitely, and make it easier for customers to purchase services. The future of frictionless sales is here. Get started with Übbitt Ultra!




ÜbbittAI's research and development division is at the forefront of applying artificial intelligence to transform and improve the sales processes of intangible goods and services. With advanced natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, ÜbbittAI is pioneering AI conversational agents that can have natural, empathetic conversations with potential customers, understand their needs and concerns, build rapport and trust, and guide them to make a purchase.

A key area of ​​focus is the development of artificial intelligence systems that can maintain fluid conversations with potential customers, actively listen and extract key details from their responses, analyze emotions and feelings, and adapt messages and recommendations accordingly. ÜbbittAI's NLP models are trained on massive data sets of human conversations, allowing AI agents to understand the nuances of language, appropriately respond to questions, and engage customers in a consultative and humanized way.

Beyond conversation, ÜbbittAI's AI excels at quickly analyzing potential customers' profiles, interests, and behavioral data to create hyper-personalized sales experiences. Key customer insights are extracted in real-time from structured and unstructured data to allow the AI ​​system to target personalized content, offers and messages to each prospect for higher conversion rates.

ÜbbittAI is also working on artificial intelligence techniques, such as reinforcement learning, to progressively improve the sales conversation process through cycles of trial and error and feedback. The more conversations AI handles, the better it will be at handling objections, building relationships, establishing trust, and closing sales.

A major innovation from ÜbbittAI's R&D labs is sentiment and emotion detection capabilities that can discern and respond to customers' unexpressed needs and concerns. By analyzing vocal tones, language, key phrases and micro-expressions, AI can detect customer emotions, such as confusion, interest or objection, and modify its strategy accordingly. This skill of empathetic listening creates deeper connections with customers.

Beyond front-end conversations, ÜbbittAI is producing artificial intelligence to assist in back-end sales processes, including lead scoring, territory mapping, predictive deal analysis, and other tasks that are traditionally performed manually . This amplifies human capabilities and allows salespeople to focus on high-value activities like relationship building.

Data privacy, transparency and ethics are crucial focus areas for ÜbbittAI. Their AI systems are designed to operate safely within regulatory guidelines, with explainable logic, robust testing, and oversight. ÜbbittAI also uses techniques such as differential privacy and federated learning to train AI models without compromising sensitive customer data.

The vision is to pioneer an AI-powered sales workforce that amplifies human skills and scopes rather than replacing people entirely. With the right adoption strategy, ÜbbittAI innovations can unlock new potentials in sales, enabling deeper customer relationships, accelerated sales cycles, and exponential revenue growth. The R&D roadmap aims to push boundaries while intelligently aligning with business objectives.

Übbitt Assistant

A revolutionary chat powered by artificial intelligence that simplifies the sale of services in an exceptional way. Its amazing functionality enables a hassle-free user experience, accessible through various channels such as WhatsApp, chat and voice messages.

Voice (Coming soon)


ÜbbittAI's commitment to the development of safe and ethical AI.
As an AI company at the forefront of innovation, ÜbbittAI recognizes that we have a deep responsibility to develop artificial intelligence that is safe, ethical and aligned with human values. We are committed to pursuing AI progress through a lens of transparency, accountability, and service to humanity. This document outlines our core principles and practices for developing AI we can trust.

Responsible AI development practices
ÜbbittAI maintains rigorous self-regulatory standards that cover every phase of the AI ​​lifecycle, from data collection and model design to training, testing, deployment and monitoring. Our AI Ethics Review Board, comprised of leaders in technology, law, ethics and policy, oversees our projects and systems before they are launched. We conduct extensive testing to minimize risks to our AI and listen carefully to external feedback on how to improve security.

Privacy and Data Protection
Maintaining user privacy is essential for ÜbbittAI. Our systems are designed so that personal data from customer interactions is encrypted in real time. The training data for our models is carefully selected from public domain sources to exclude any sensitive personal details. We impose strict access controls on our AI to prevent data misuse.

Transparency and explainability
ÜbbittAI prioritizes transparency in our AI systems. We provide documentation that explains the capabilities, limitations, and performance characteristics of our models to build appropriate trust in users. For interested parties, we share details about our testing methodology, risk assessments, and mitigation strategies. Our goal is explainable AI whose logic and decisions can be understood by humans while protecting intellectual property.

Mitigate biases and errors
We rigorously test our AI for potential biases and errors that could arise from the data or training algorithms. Our bias bounty program incentivizes outside researchers to find flaws in our systems. We correct biases in our models using techniques such as data augmentation and continue to monitor for post-implementation issues.

Security and control
ÜbbittAI systems are designed to operate securely within predefined parameters and cannot browse the Internet or access external databases independently. We are developing AI that is correctable, aligned to human values ​​and free of undesirable behavior. Research into AI safety and control measures is a priority and we freely share knowledge with other safe AI pioneers.

Beneficial applications
We evaluate each AI application through the lens of ethics, social responsibility, and service to humanity. ÜbbittAI is committed to developing AI that augments human capabilities across sectors such as education, health, business and science. We do not participate in projects that create autonomous weapons or mass surveillance tools.

Partnerships for responsible AI
ÜbbittAI actively collaborates with researchers, governments, public interest groups and local communities to shape AI policies and standards regarding safety, ethics and justice. We support efforts to democratize the benefits of AI across all sectors of society and empower underserved populations through human-centered technology.

Continuous improvement process
Developing safe and ethical AI is an ongoing process as technology evolves. We continually update our policies and systems based on new learnings, user feedback, and expert guidance. Building public trust through responsible AI practices is our greatest commitment as we work toward an AI-powered future.

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