Business Intelligence

Übbitt360: Real-time view of all your campaigns.



A Business Intelligence platform designed to offer companies a complete, real-time view of their active campaigns. From statistics to sales and collections, Übbitt360 provides an intuitive and customizable dashboard that allows companies to obtain valuable information about the performance of their campaigns and the return on investment (ROI) of each one.

Overview Dashboard

Übbitt360 presents a highly adaptable dashboard that allows companies to clearly and concisely visualize the most relevant information.


Obtain data on the number of clients in a given period and the value of the portfolio. Access detailed information on sales and collections, as well as demographic details such as geographic location, gender and device used during the process.


View the conversion funnel and the breakdown of sales issued versus collected. Classify calls according to their type and categorize them by sales or customer service reason.

Contact Center

Monitor real-time activity of agents, including their connectivity, activity, and the number of incoming calls. Access telephony KPIs and specific details of the database and call quality. Additionally, see the details of the active agents per campaign.

AI Agents

Analyze interactions with details such as chat transcription and chat quality.

Custom Reports

Generate personalized reports that include detailed information on the selected parameters, allowing you to adapt the information to your specific needs.